Jacob's well


Jacob’s Well is a support network for people “between jobs”. Meetings are held at Pharos on Wednesday mornings at 09h00. People are receiving spiritual and emotional support. They are also supported in the process of job seeking and/or the development of small businesses.

Stationery project

Pharos annually provide stationery to needy scholars at the beginning of the school year. These children are identified by the staff, social workers and the CMR. Packages are bought according to requirements of each grade. This enables the children to be ready for the new school year.
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Chics aims to see children growing up in healthy households. We do this by facilitating and bringing people together to improve their relationships and the quality of life of the children. Simultaneously we promote the understanding that community members (children, parents, day care centres, churches, schools, authorities, etc.) have the ability to improve their own circumstances. Pharos supports the Mamelodi-branch of this project.

Contact: Catherine Senyolo: 076 892 0470/catherinesenyolo@nova.org.za



HALFITIME is a pause in life to reflect on: what have I accomplished, who did I become, and will it matter in the end? It is also a time to make eye contact with God and get your unique assignment for the second half of your life HALFITIME consists of attending an Information session or Seminar - for you to determine whether you are in HALFITIME or not, which can then be followed up with a HALFITIME journey of one year - with 10 Forum sessions (one session per month), along with a small group of fellow-Christians – to appropriately prepare you for the second half. Read the HALFITIME book of Bob Buford – and visit: http://www.halftimesa.co.za/ for more information You can also contact Rudi at: Projekte@Pharos.org.za


B-Net is a support network for the development of small businesses and entrepreneurial skills. In the process the potential is unlocked in the community by the community. The B-Net values that are embraced are:
- giving,
- sharing,
- building community,
- developing potential,
- trusting committed relationships,
- living with integrity and dignity and
- showing and earning respect.


Domestic workers who are members of the Lux Mundi Sepedi Ministry are equipped with sewing skills. This will empower them and enable them to eventually improve their circumstances by being able to generate an income from it.